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Mature content
Making Amends :iconsnr6424:snr6424 68 21
Mature content
Home Sweet Home (Part 3) :iconmiraculously:Miraculously 62 5
Warning: Contains male weight gain (kinda) and some boy on boy action. It may also require some suspension of disbelief.
     There's a moment when you know. There's that one moment of realization, that sharp sudden jolt of reality. Dustin couldn't believe how long it had taken for that moment to come, because now that he had realized, now that he knew, he couldn't believe he had ever missed it.
For Dustin, the moment hadn't come during his first semester of college, though that was when it had all began. It hadn't come the second either. The moment hadn't come at all until now, as he stood frozen in a stall of the deserted men's bathroom, staring, half horrified half transfixed. The moment hadn't come during one of those long evenings in the cafeteria, nor during one of those hot showers in the community bathroom. It hadn't come when his abs faded. It hadn't come when he'd outgrown the first pair of jeans, or the second, or even the third. It hadn't come when
:iconcanadian-gabe:Canadian-Gabe 224 14
I Could Get Used To This
Awakening on the couch, I spent a few moments in a blissful daze. The world was sweet and pure, rarity in these tough times. There was nothing to worry me, nothing to concern me, or make me afraid. Consumed by a happiness I could only describe as euphoric, I was on cloud nine.
Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I glanced down. At that moment, my euphoria shattered. A frown settled on my face. Putting my hands against the couch, I attempted to push myself upwards into a seated position. No luck. Again, this time grunting a little with effort. Though making it a little further, I still fell onto my back. Taking a deep breath - more difficult for me than it is for most - I gave it one last, whole-hearted attempt. Forced to lie down once again, I admitted defeat.
Fumbling for the hem of my white tee, I struggled to pull it down. As I did so, the sound of creaking fabric reached my ears. I let go, afraid it would tear. With both hands, I cradled what could only be described as a ball of a bell
:iconfatboyskinnygirl:FatBoySkinnyGirl 170 4
Needs Convincing
Going out with the boys tonight might have been a mistake. Not so much going to the bar with his buddies, that had all be a lot of fun. However, after a few drinks and someone else paying for the food, he had packed away his fair share of food.
Zach shuffled through the door of his apartment, shrugging out of his jacket and hanging it on the hook by the door. He ditched his keys on the counter as he walked through the kitchen and into the living room. It was then he collapsed onto the sofa with a heavy sigh.  A light hiccough escaped his lips and he brought a hand to his stomach.
He was a generally slim but fit guy standing at about six feet tall. He worked out once a week and he usually ate pretty well. However, his usually flat stomach was nowhere in sight. His stomach was bloated and distended, full of pizza and beer. It was digesting loudly, churning and gurgling consistently.
With a soft groan he reached down and undid his belt and popped the button on his jeans. His sto
:iconnomgirl:nomgirl 134 12
Mature content
A Filling Thanksgiving :iconboeckman:boeckman 35 2
Bakery Boys Chapter 3
'Peace offering.'
Rika looked up, meeting Kero's eyes with a cold gaze. She glanced at the pink cardboard box he'd set on the counter in front of her, a delicious aroma wafting from it.
'Come on, Rika. I said I'm sorry. You can't ignore me forever...' Kero frowned when she said nothing.
'I certainly can't ignore you - you're so fat now I couldn't possibly miss you.'
Kero stiffened. He opened his mouth to protest, and then closed it again. Despite his pledge to lose weight, he had a lot of trouble saying no to bakery snacks. As a consequence, he'd grown quite plump over the past week, his belly a little rounded dome sitting comfortable over the edge of the elasticized waistband of his uniform.
'I think you'd really like these cakes if you tried them. They really are delicious...'
'I'm sure they are,' Rika pushed the box back towards him. 'And I'm sure a fatty like you will take care of them on no time...' She sighed. 'I'm not ready to forgive you just yet, pretty boy...'
Kero frowned, d
:iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 38 7
CH 1 I Am What I Am So There
Warning!! Contains boyxboy, weight gain, feeding etc…
If you're not comfortable with this, go somewhere else.
I Am What I Am So There!
For now, there are roughly four main characters. I might include more as the story progresses, and if anyone has any of their own characters, which they'd be comfortable in letting me borrow, I might ask later…
It's loooong…
Chapter One
"That's Sei? THAT'S Sei?"
"No way; that's not even possible!"
"It IS him, I heard someone call his name and he answered. That's Sei all right."
"But… Since when did he get so freaking fat?!"
"He's enormous! Even bigger than Sam, and Sam's a total butterball."
"Even bigger than GABRIEL! And Gabriel's a freaking BLIMP!"
"Unreal… and Sei used to be so fine!"
"I wonder what happened to him?"
"I wonder how he got so fat?"
"My GAWD, you're a fucking elephant!"
Sei arched an eyebrow at Ruka's outburst, letting the arms he had held outstretched fall back by his side. He wanted the girl to stop starin
:iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 45 13
The Place Where He Cat Sits -- Part 3
By the end of the week I was pretty happily settled in. I knew my way around the kitchen, the cats liked me, Michael the quail trusted me, I had sufficient amounts of pot and beer, unlimited amounts of TV shows, nowhere to go, no responsibliities other than playing with animals, and all the food I could possibly want. This was the best gig ever.
Ok, so maybe I’d have to get a new pair of jeans or two soon, and my writing…well, let’s not talk about that. I had the rest of the summer to finish it, anyway. I could totally afford to take a week or two to relax and let my brain…rest, or something. I would probably write better if I gave myself a break from thinking about it, right? Exactly.
It was the start of the second week and I had just finished breakfast (cereal while waiting for food to arrive, then an upsized portion of scrambled eggs bacon and three waffles) and was sinking into the couch lighting up a nice post-breakfast bowl when the doorbell rang. Godammit
:iconhabituate72:habituate72 14 2
No Doubt About It Pt 4: Buffet Lunch
What could I do? I was not in a state to think about more food, let alone leave the house for a buffet. I summoned up the rest of my energy and texted back
Can’t leave house. Just ate. Too full.  
Ohh Piggy…show me! But I already made a reservation.  
I sent them a picture of my bloated gut with the caption Needs Rubs Something about food and overeating always made me so damn sappy.
They responded with the right amount of glee, and also,
Lets meet at 2pm.  You can always just get dessert. ;)
I looked at the clock. It was 1PM. I would still probably be full in an hour, but I would be able to eat something. And they were right. I could always get dessert if I was still too full for a real lunch. And the dessert bar at this buffet was pretty out of this world….
I closed my eyes and remembered all my favourite desserts at the buffet, the mousse, the apple pie, the tiramisu, the black forest cake, the banana crepes… my stomach gurgled as I fell asleep
:iconhabituate72:habituate72 21 1
No Doubt About It Pt2: 4th Meal
I crept into my room, shut the door behind me. I placed the food on the desk. My heart was racing from the fear of being caught with enough food for a small family in my arms, or maybe I was just excited to eat it all. I had: half a pot of spaghetti bolognaise sauce, two servings of leftover pasta, a pint of cookies n cream, two cans of ginger ale, a package of ham. Maybe I had gone a little overboard. My stomach at this point was rumbling impatiently. I gave it a pat and it jiggled with all the fat it had gained over the past few months from…well late night meals like this one.
“Oh for goodness sake,” i scolded, “Stop pretending you haven’t been fed in a week, its only been 3 hours since dinner.”  
It growled in response. I shook my head, smiling and did what it told me, pouring the pasta into the pot and starting to eat. It had already won. It always did.
“Think we can finish all this?” I asked teasingly. We both knew the answer.
:iconhabituate72:habituate72 29 1
Mature content
Home Expansion, part 1 :icongamerami:GamerAmI 18 2
Mature content
How the Dinner Tables Have Turned :icongamerami:GamerAmI 24 5
Mature content
Waste Not Want Not :icongamerami:GamerAmI 34 2
Marty 2
It was a typical Monday afternoon at the "Sub Stop." The lunch rush had passed, and it would be a few hours before the dinner one quickened their customer pace again. Justin had been done with high school for over two weeks, but he was on vacation with his family in Disney for the week. Casey usually held down the fort during this slow time each afternoon, and now he sat in one of the empty chairs in the dining room. The overhead fans spun in slow, methodic circles.
He was only a year younger than Marty, an All-American boy with short, styled hair and a clean-shaven face. Tall in stature, broad in shoulders, with a "Sub Stop" polo always pulled tight across his muscled pecs. He had planned to go west on a football scholarship, but found his high school sweetheart pregnant before the first semester even began. He took out a lot of his frustrations by going for a run or hitting the weights, and that usually kept him a pretty upbeat guy.
The upper right corner of his polo had "Shift Leade
:iconzmariottax:zmariottax 33 7
Feeding Roman
There he was again, Devan's RA at the dormitory that year, strolling lazily down the hall. It was the night of the third day of classes and everyone had pretty much begun to settle into what would become their routines for the next few months.
As for his RA, he seemed like a decent guy. He was friendly and had a good sense of humor. He seemed a tad jaded in his views of humanity, but not enough to be irritating. It lent to his personality the perfect amount of humorous sarcasm and wit. Devan could tell he was smart, but probably not extremely so in the book sense. From the little chances he had to converse with him, he seemed to be very cunning and witty. He also had the room across the hall, and Devan had been dreading coming back to school that semester to find the RA would be some tight ass who hated loud music and any form of social interaction.
Luckily, he got Roman. He wasn't a bad looking guy either. He had light brown hair that was borderline dusty blonde, medium-length that fe
:iconzmariottax:zmariottax 201 47




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3 deviations
So I'm going through all of and there's no search function, so I'm going to save the hottest ones here.

Reconnecting - BHM/BBW MWG - His Girlfriends bad habits rub off on this FFA…

High School; Senior Year - BHM XWG - Another FFA falls into the trap off gluttony and falls in love with his new found fat…

Second and Thirds - BHM WG - Man justifies his overindulgence and weight gain until it's to late, much to the delight of his wife.…

The Grad Student - A young man finds that his new sedentary lifestyle has some unintended consequences and he likes them.…


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