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Gorditos - Part 1
 “The Best Fine Dining - Gordito’s has it all, and we want you to know that we’re becoming known for something more; we are on track to be the world’s first ZERO WASTE restaurant!”
             Working while going to school was never an ideal setup, but most of Brad’s friends were in the same boat as him: getting some help from their parents, maybe some financial aid, but still coming up short every month. He could probably stand to party a little less, and perhaps drink fewer beers. Lucky for him, Brad already had an in for the job at “Gorditos” – the assistant manager was his old frat brother Travis. Not only that, but Brad and his rugby team had eaten there more times than he could count – he probably had the entire menu memorized already.
             “These are your shirts. Make sure they stay clean.” Travis had definitely gotten to be
:iconbrokencassette:BrokenCassette 79 5
Mature content
Losers, part 1 of 2 :icongamerami:GamerAmI 24 3
Mature content
Justin Goes to Grandma's :iconfatty-writes:fatty-writes 84 13
Mature content
Brothers :iconzmariottax:zmariottax 124 11
Mature content
Man Under Construction - Chapter 1 :iconzmariottax:zmariottax 42 8
Mature content
Willy Wonka's Teenage Tour - Part 1 :iconwonkablueberryman:wonkablueberryman 47 0
Mature content
Dorian #3: Dorian's Dark Desires :iconjiggles-mcbellypuss:jiggles-mcbellypuss 1 0
Mature content
Dorian #2: Dorian's Extensive Appetite :iconjiggles-mcbellypuss:jiggles-mcbellypuss 1 0
Super Big Belly Bloat (4) by TheBlueBritBlur
Mature content
Super Big Belly Bloat (4) :iconthebluebritblur:TheBlueBritBlur 61 7
Untitled by growingbhm
Mature content
Untitled :icongrowingbhm:growingbhm 15 0
Myer's Hall Boys Alternate - Chapter 1
The second floor of Myers Hall was the place to be at Stoneleigh University in the 08-09 year. At least that's what the residents on the second floor of Myers Hall thought. It had been a perfect year from beginning to end. All the students, mostly freshmen with a few sophomores, seemed to get along really well. And even the loners were comfortable. It just happened that the socially awkward guy who didn't like people was rooming with the bookworm who never wanted to be disturbed. As for the others, they pretty much just shared the whole floor together. The sophomores weren't the stuck up kind who ignore freshmen, and everyone's personalities just seemed to click. Within weeks of freshman orientation the whole floor had seemed like one big family.
Of course that was largely because of the RA, Joey. Joey was considered by most of his residents to be the coolest RA on campus. At 5'9, 380 pounds, Big Joe, as his residents had nicknamed him, was like an overstuffed teddy bear. From the begi
:iconboeckman:boeckman 18 0
The Sofa - Part 1
Jesse hoped this apartment wasn’t a bust like the last three. He and his future roommate, Rob, had waited too late to start looking, and all the decent, cheap places near campus were taken. So far, the two seniors had seen a place with a rat hanging out by the front stoop, a place where smoke smell had seeped into the carpets, and a place with obvious water damage and one tiny closet. Now Jesse was on his own because the only time the landlord was available to show the apartment was during Rob’s shift at the local coffee shop.
Things weren’t looking too good here either. The landlord had this weird nervous look about him. He kept fidgeting and stalling before they headed into the apartment. “Um, I just want to let you know,” the quiet man was saying, “one of the tenants is in the apartment.” Jesse didn’t see why that should be a big deal. “Um, please don’t mind him.” After that, the man finally led him up the stairs, fid
:iconboeckman:boeckman 82 17
The Diner
“I would feel a lot better if we were just flying to Chicago,” Alan said as he finished packing his suitcase.
“The point is to turn this into a vacation,” Scott responded, not for the first time. “Your job’s got you wound really tight right now.” Even then, Alan’s mind was running through the speech he would be giving at the conference in a few days. Scott was proud of Alan, but ever since the most recent promotion, Alan had been completely obsessed with work. In Scott’s mind, taking some time off and combining this business trip with a vacation was exactly what Alan needed.
Alan turned to look at Scott, who hadn’t yet put on a shirt. “You’re getting a little pudgy,” he remarked. Scott blushed. “Maybe I do need to get away from work more,” Alan continued. “If I was still cooking healthy meals for you, that wouldn’t have happened.”
Scott didn’t want to respond, so he just co
:iconboeckman:boeckman 147 8
Mature content
An Afterschool Snack :iconruddiw:ruddiw 405 52
CM: Tekken - Fad Diet Gone Wrong
Paul walked out of the public gym after a day’s of intense training. The American judo fighter was always known in the Iron Fist tournament to be one of the most fierce and aggressive combatants besides the Mishimas. At the same time the somewhat dimwitted fighter decided to dedicate time to improving his skills to attain the achievement of ‘the greatest number one fighter ever’. Paul realized his current methods were no longer effective, so he needed a new approach at examining his learning tactics for fighting in a different way.
In the meantime, he returned home to change into something casual: his black biker suit and got on his motorcycle for a stroll after working so hard for 9 hours straight. He then set out for a stroll through the Bronx and Brooklyn for fun.
Paul found himself near his favorite restaurant and entered.
The grill and bar were full of the familiar ambiance of loud chatter and recreational activities from people were watching whatever sports
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So I'm going through all of and there's no search function, so I'm going to save the hottest ones here.

Reconnecting - BHM/BBW MWG - His Girlfriends bad habits rub off on this FFA…

High School; Senior Year - BHM XWG - Another FFA falls into the trap off gluttony and falls in love with his new found fat…

Second and Thirds - BHM WG - Man justifies his overindulgence and weight gain until it's to late, much to the delight of his wife.…

The Grad Student - A young man finds that his new sedentary lifestyle has some unintended consequences and he likes them.…


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